Services FAQs

In person or remotely?

I can assist you in person (at a coffee shop, home or a public place of your choice). If you prefer remote assistance, I can use any remote assistance tool such as AnyDesk to provide support to you remotely.

What kind of fees do you charge?

If the project/service is clear, then I charge per task/lesson. Otherwise, if the project outline is not clear and a deadline cannot be set initially, then I prefer to charge on hourly basis. I usually charge 5 KD per hour for lessons/services. As for software development projects, it really depends on the nature of the projects.

English or Arabic?

I can make good use of both languages. Though due to the nature of the industry I'm working in (IT), I do prefer to use English whenever possible.

How can I guarantee the delivery of the service?

In Freelance work, there is always an increased risk in regard to the customer satisfaction with the output delivered. I avoid this risk by doing two things: firstly, not taking on huge and lengthy projects that require an ongoing support. Secondly, accepting projects that I know exactly how to implement/deliver.

How is your website design skills?

I can proudly say that I'm a function over style kind of person. I leave designs to the designers basically. I do know how to convert any mockup into a useable design, however I have to admit it is not my strongest suit. I usually rely on third-party UI libraries to reach a design that is satisfactory for the client.

What's your OS preference?

I use a Mac laptop to connect to a windows based machine where I run WSL there to host an apache server, in other words, I can use Windows, Linux and MacOS without any problem.

What kind of teaching style do you use?

I use project based teaching with multiple quizzes per week. I heavily encourage the student to make as many mistakes as possible in each project and try to discourage "Googling" at early stages. The more the student writes code and understand the task at hand, the better he/she will get at solving real world problems using programming. I try to build student's ability to think critically and creatively as I believe it is the bases of any great programmer.

Graduation projects?

As long as the student is involved practically 100% of the time, I will not accept such requests. The point I'm trying to make is, I provide guidance mainly in this regard.